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How do I Search for Art on OAO?

There are various ways to search for art on www.originalartonline.com (OAO).  The best way is to utilize the “SEARCH ALL ART” bar located at the top of the website.  Simply type in a word or a few words that briefly describe what art you are looking for and then click the search button.  The search results will then find the artwork and/or artist that best matches your search.

There are many additional ways to search, as you can see on our Home Page.  Look in the BROWSE box on the top left of the OAO Home Page, and you will see the following search options:

Browse All Art

You can also search by Featured Art and Most Popular Art.

How do I Buy Art on OAO?

There a couple of ways to purchase art on OAO.  If you are ready to make your purchase, simply click the green ADD TO CART button.

Would you like to make an offer? Click the green MAKE AN OFFER button.

How do I Make an Offer?

After you click the green MAKE AN OFFER button, you will land on the MAKE AN OFFER page.  Type in your offer in the box where it says “Your Offer Price”.  Then type your message into the artist (seller) message box, fill in your contact info and click submit.  An email will be automatically sent to the seller, who will personally contact you.

How does the Shopping Cart Work?

After you have added any and all purchases to your Shopping Cart, click on the Shopping Cart icon located near the top right of the website.  The Shopping Cart page will open, showing you a list of which art pieces you have selected to purchase. The list will include a picture of each item, description, price, quantity and subtotal.  There will be a total of all items at the bottom.

Should you decide to not purchase a particular piece, click on the word “Remove” at the bottom of the description of the piece you do not want; this feature allows you to delete each item individually. That way you can delete whichever item you do not want without having to delete your whole order.  If you would like to continue shopping, click on the “Continue Shopping” option on the bottom left side of the page.  If you are ready to check out, click on the green PURCHASE box.

How do I Check Out?

After following the Shopping Cart instructions and clicking on the green PURCHASE box, fill in your contact info and type in any message you may have for the seller, then click the green CONFIRM ORDER button.  

Don’t have a zip/postal code? Just leave that box blank.  Be sure to include a phone number so that the seller and the delivery service can contact you, if necessary.

What do I Need to Know About Shipping?

As indicated earlier, OAO does not get involved in the transaction; so the shipping is the sole responsibility of the seller (artist).  The Buyer can discuss the shipping details with the Seller, but it is ultimately in the hands of the seller.

What if I Have a Problem with the Seller?

Original Art Online is a for sale by owner (artist) advertising website, whose sole responsibility is to market the website to the global community.  All communications, transactions, issues and shipping are between the Buyer and the Seller (Artist). Please be sure that the seller advises you of the intended shipping details. Should you the Buyer encounter any problem, issue or difficulty, it is up to you to contact the Seller (Artist) to resolve the issue. www.originalartonline.com does not get involved with any transaction.  

If the seller does not ship the order to you the Buyer within a reasonable amount of time, please contact the seller to determine the status of your order. Please wait a reasonable amount of time before contacting the seller.  It is highly advisable that as the Buyer, you obtain the shipping instructions and any tracking information before the order is sent. If you should need the seller’s contact information, please contact support@originalartonline.com.