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STONEHAM, Massachusetts
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Lilia Dalamangas's Statement

Lilia is internationally recognized professional Artist, with hundreds of her Artworks sold all around the World, from US and Canada to Europe and Australia
She lives and works in the United States. Very creative by nature she expresses her creativity in Art and photography.
Here is what Lilia says about Art creation process:
"I feel vibrantly alive when I'm creating an Artwork. It fills me with such a joy and purpose. I enjoy every bit of it. I'm getting dissolved into the process of creating an Artwork, so every piece of my Art has a piece of my heart and soul embeamed in it"
Where does she get her inspiration:
"I get my inspiration from everything around me - it could be nature, a beautiful day outside, it could be music, a cloud, or drops of the rain on my window, it could be my own feelings or even my dreams!"

Lilia Dalamangas’s Story

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