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gilbert, Arizona
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debbie schneider's Statement

I believe everyone should be able to own at least one piece of original art without having to 'break the bank'. I love creating pieces filled with color, both subtle and intense, and where circles, lines and squares combine in a dynamic balance . I am self taught and constantly learning while I go along. My inspiration can be anything from a green field or an old rusted truck.

debbie schneider’s Story

I began my fascination with design while living in a war torn country over-seas. Houses were very 'white' inside, such a contradiction to the fiery, passionate people living beside me. I started painting canvases on the floor of my tiny laundry room. Unsure of my creations, a close friend came to visit and wanted my piece! That was my sign to continue to paint. I am constantly creating new works of cityscapes, pop art, naturalism , minamalism, and expressionism.

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