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Chuluota, Florida
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Cindy Gonzalez's Statement

I have often been called the "Jewelry Lady" due to my love of jewelry! It was a natural evolution to channel my artistic side into the creation of one of the art forms I enjoy so much! My most recent creations are made with copper wire - lots of intricate work, but endless design possibilities!

Cindy Gonzalez’s Story

I grew up in the Northeast in a family of artistic people, several of whom shared the love of jewelry! Having inherited an intense love of jewelry myself, and having had an artistic streak that manifested itself in various ways during my life - such as playing piano and guitar, making crafts, stained glass and more- it was inevitable that I would start to create my own jewelry. I have made various types of jewelry at different periods in my life - with seashells, plastics and most recently copper wire jewelry.

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