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Sun City, Arizona
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Leland Castro's Statement

" The beauty of the Creators hands makes art captured on canvas or other mediums is a lifetime passion"
I range from surreal to realism and to impressionism style, to me this is what I feel and others look when they see my paintings. Growing up in the 60"s to me was the best years , any things happened during those times John Kennedy elected President of USA but was assassinated also his brother, Muhammed Ali ( Casius Clay) winning heavyweight boxing crown, etc. and the Beatles forever changing the world with their music. They are part of my life and paintings, people think I'm a freak but so are millions worldwide, also living and growing in beautiful Hawaii, with the gorgeous sceneries, sunsets, and oceans also captured my emotions to paint the. But there are so many others things in this world that every artist will try to capture, mines are these mentioned.

Leland Castro’s Story

Greetings from the beautiful 50th state of Hawaii.(Update: now located in Sun City, Arizona) Born and raised in Honolulu, Hi., Since 1955. Been painting since the age of 8. Mostly self taught. With some art training . Most of my paintings are done in oil on stretched canvas. I prefer doing it with oil and with the Old Masters techniques. My love for painting seascapes, landscapes and celebrity figures ( mostly Beatles stuffs) since I get more request for them. With customers Hawaii, the mainland USA, Canada, Europe. Business has been steady, request for more Beatle paintings. I do both in realism and impressionistic styles.

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