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Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Lynn Bailey's Statement

I love nature. From Spring though Winter the colors and scenery are so vivid and vibrant. I lean towards landscapes and pastoral setting but am working on animal portraits also.

Lynn Bailey’s Story

I was born in Washington DC, the niece of a wonderful artist. He always told me that since his kids didn't care for painting, he found in me his avid student. I was always in awe of the wonderful paintings Tony did. From wall murals, to paper art, to landscapes, to pencil figure drawings. Watching and listening to him it stayed with me throughout my life. I have been painting on and off for over 30 years and now, since I've retired, have jumped back into the artist world with both feet. Although I am always striving to improve, I totally enjoy my time at my easel with paintbrush and canvas. Always looking for that next new and magical painting waiting to be born.

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