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faridabad, Indiana
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Sanjay Punekar's Statement

I am inspired by the immortal, glorious and bountiful nature that unbiasedly embraces all mortals. But, I do not try to replicate such absolute perfection, because I believe that some things are simply not meant to be reproduced. They are meant to be admired, appreciated and allowed to shape our thoughts via their sheer existence and purpose. My paintings represent an interpretation of the world with a twist of magical appeal. I speak to the imaginative and creative soul that resides in every being and try to stir up emotions that lie deep within and bring them to the surface. The ideas that I wish to communicate, the selection of colour combinations and fine texture detailing for all my paintings are well researched and thoughtfully executed on the canvas.

Sanjay Punekar’s Story

Sanjay Punekar, who currently lives in Delhi NCR , holds a bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a diploma in Art Education, both from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. He specializes in acrylic and water colour paints. He has held solo and group shows in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. The amazing artist has won several awards for his work including the Hindustan Times Award in 2007. His art collections are present in Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Singapore, London, Canada, South Africa, U.S.A.,Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Dehradun.

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